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Seeds Of Kindness - About Us


This may sound strange but SEEDS OF KINDNESS was born from sunscreen stains on beachwear.

My fiancé and I returned from an island holiday in 2019 with badly stained towels and swimsuits. The sunscreen that stained fabrics, we have put on our skin for protection!

Our interest was piqued just about everything that we cover our bodies with.
Body products as well as fabrics…what was the impact of our choices on both humankind and the environment and a journey of research blossomed into a journey of passion.

This is how SEEDS OF KINDNESS came into fruition, an earth-kind online platform for the quality-conscious mom on the go.

We have partnered with beautiful South African brands that we love and trust…sharing our passion for ethically produced organic and quality products that don’t leave scars in our world or that of our children.

We choose organic and love spreading kindness!

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Esté & Johann