Menstrual Cups: How It Works, Benefits & Myths


If you are new to the magic of menstrual cups… a hearty welcome from the sisterhood of The KIND CUP!



A menstrual cup or period cup is a device to be inserted into a vagina that collects menstrual fluid during a monthly period. They come in the shape of a bell with a stem like a joystick. Some menstrual cups have rings on the bottom end.

 KIND CUP Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups have been around since the 1930’s but being made of rubber then, caused discomfort when worn that raised health concerns. Product ignorance in those years also led to these cups not widely being used.

Totally different story today and hugely gaining popularity month by month. Sadly though, there still are females all over the world totally oblivious to this gem that many ladies call their “best friend”. 



A menstrual cup is made of medical grade silicone which is a clinically tested element that interacts harmoniously with the female human body. It is non-reactive, hypoallergenic, resistant to heat and chemicals, water repellent, durable and safe with low toxicity. For silicone to be approved in medical uses it must have passed rigorous FDA testing.


Or what we like to call, Menstrual cup magic.

  • Once you have gotten the hang of this device, how to fold, insert and remove, there is no turning back. It is empowering, convenient and safe to use
  • For some ladies, the confidence boost it grants, has been incredible
  • Firm yet soft and highly flexible to adjust to the contours of your unique vaginal shape
  • No odour escapes as it must seal airtight in the vaginal canal. You can check this by sliding your finger around the rim touching the walls of your vagina
  • It is re-usable, no wear and tear and will last for up to ten years
  • Affords huge savings in terms of monthly sanitary expenses
  • The impact of sanitary waste in landfills is dramatically diminished
  • It holds more fluid than a super-absorbent tampon or pad which is reassuring on heavy flow days
  • While tampons and pads need to be replaced every few hours, a cup can be worn for 10 to 12 hours
  • Menstrual cups don’t interfere with the moisture levels of the vagina like absorbing tampons do
  • Allows free flowing with no build-up of painful clotting and cramps for most females wearing them
  • Easy to clean with water and an unscented oil-free soap, never use bleach
  • Our KIND CUP comes in black only that prevents discoloration
  • Available in three sizes - small, medium and large. Various studies have shown vaginas in women to be between 7 and 14 cm long
  • Practically all healthy and menstruating females can use a menstrual cup
  • Comfortable to wear during activities like jogging, working out and swimming etc.

 Menstrual Cup Benefits - Swimming



First of all, if you have medical or other concerns and are scared but curious, please speak to your gynaecologist or doctor for your own peace of mind!

But here are some responses and tips from ladies of all ages that use our KIND CUP

  • Complicated to insert – as a new user, anxiety may indeed cause some discomfort but embarking on your menstrual cup journey requires you to explore the intimate side of your wonderful you…and do your own empowering research. Practice how to fold and insert that works for you. As a guideline – a wet cup glides in easier and clean water as a personal lubricant works like a charm…and take your time. If you are in a hurry, rather use a tampon and change to your cup when you are relaxed
  • Any female can use it – technically any female that menstruates yes, but there are reasons why not… like age, childbirth side effects, endometriosis etc.
  • Super easy to use – mmm not everybody gets it 100% from the get-go, but practice does make perfect
  • It will interfere with my IUD – did it when you used tampons? So far, no evidence suggested that the use of a menstrual cup has dislodged an IUD. Some ladies reported to insert the cup a little low, open it fully and then gently push it up to their comfortable spot. That way no IUD strings get snagged between the cup and vaginal wall
  • Menstrual cups leak – only if they are not properly inserted and fully open, or are too small and filled up or worn for too many continuous hours, which is not ideal or healthy for a vagina
  • Menstrual cups can fall out – it has been reported (not a lot though) to happen during exerting pressure when defecating but generally the cup’s suction prevents that. Most ladies prefer to remove their cups anyway before they go
  • You can’t sleep with it – you definitely can but if you are worried about possible leakage, wear a pad too before you say nighty night and test it for yourself
  • You will feel it – remember when you’ve used tampons on heavy flow days and they were fully expanded after a few hours … did you feel them? You might be more aware of it in the beginning but our bodies and especially our lovely vaginas are beautiful at adapting. Again, be patient and gentle with yourself. Test it in different phases of your menstrual cycle to learn how your special kind of body reacts to your cup
  • Menstrual cups suck – indeed and that’s why we love them. But if the sucker is tough to remove, slip your finger in and press against the top side to release the vacuum. Gently pull on the joystick or take hold of the smaller rims at the base, above the joystick, and pull out the cup to empty it
  • No sex – that is a personal choice. Some girls do and some girls don’t
  • Things can get messy – ha no this is not a myth but there are ways around this business and you will get used to it, every bloody month (Pun intended)



Like the rest of the world, South African women are just as eager to not have menstrual cycles interfere with their lives and while having being sold online for a while now, ladies can also get menstrual cups at Clicks and Dischem. 



There simply isn’t a prefect cup for all, but there is a perfect cup for you. The guidelines below can give you an idea of your ideal cup length and size.

KIND CUP Size Guide - Soft Silicone Menstrual Cup


We have found that the KIND CUP sets of small & medium or medium & large are popular purchase options as it gives ladies the opportunity to experiment with a choice of size during heavy and light flow in their menstrual cycle as well as having a spare cup as backup.

Where to buy your menstrual cup? Get your excellent KIND CUP in your perfect size and/or sets here and these menstrual cup reviews have highlighted the many delights of South African ladies.

And did you know…

  • A vagina grows old like us girls do, yes she loses her plumpness and her skin sags and gets wrinkled. Fortunately she doesn’t need to look in a mirror…and aging doesn’t affect the pleasure she can give!
  • A vagina is a hollow organ, from the vaginal opening to the uterus. With strong muscular walls, the amazing vagina can expand to accommodate from a tampon, to a finger, to a penis and a baby
  • After working extremely hard to bring a beautiful baby into the world, a vagina needs a rest for a month or two. That is when we advise against wearing a menstrual cup.
  • Vaginas don’t need soap or douches as their variety of glands produce the best fluids to cleanse and lubricate the vaginal area. If interfered down there with perfume or soap, she will most likely revolt into an infection
  • The normal pH range of a vagina is between 3.8 to 4.5 and she likes it when you eat yoghurt!






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